Coin Operated Girl

"It was as if my father had given me, by way of temperament, an impossibly wild, dark, and unbroken horse. It was a horse without a name, and a horse with no experience of a bit between its teeth. My mother taught me to gentle it; gave me the discipline and love to break it; and- as Alexander had known so intuitively with Bucephalus- she understood, and taught me, that the beast was best handled by turning it toward the sun."

This Is My Apology..  

I’m sorry for everything we were and weren’t. For false impressions and misconceptions. For fabrications and not finding the time, not even giving so much as to search for that time. For closing myself off to you without a prospect of recovery, a hope of return. For letting go of my emotion and proving you right. That we were just designed to let each other down, to dismay and mislead. I apologize, but I’ve grasped the dismal truth that I can’t make it back to you anymore because I cannot omit what happened.

The record stands somehow
Thinking of winter
Your name is the splinter inside me
While I wait
And I remember the sound
Of your November downtown
And I remember the truth

And I don’t have to stay this way
If only I would wake
I could have lost myself
In rough blue waters in your eyes
And I miss you still

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